The New Face of Training!

This week, I have been more than usually concerned with my appearance. I’m not one for makeup, and feel that people on my training courses should be looking at my shared screen most of the time so, though I make myself presentable and dress smartly, I don’t normally bother too much about my actual face.

Last week, though, I tripped over a bag in the bedroom. Bumped the side of my head a bit (OK quite a lot, ouch! but it was just a bump).

Come the next morning, though, with training courses looming …

In the morning, before the eye swelled completely shut!

I gave a couple of sessions trying out different looks:

The blind one
The pirate!

They didn’t really work, though, as they interfered too much with my own vision. So in the end I have settled for “au naturel” and just explain, at the start of a class, that it’s not my husband succumbing to lockdown fever!

Ten days on, and nearly back to normal!

And by the way I do own several other shirts – which I wore between the two days!

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