Lifechanging Times!

What a milestone! Since lockdown began, I have been training on Zoom/Teams with a download speed of 20Mbps and an upload speed of… nearly 1. And that was if I had a phone line – we lost 17 days recently when a falling tree brought the phone line down, then several more days a week later when the council cut through the repaired line while trimming the verge…

Yesterday, we had Gigaclear Superfast Broadband fitted. Underground optical fibre to the premises (FTTP). The whole job took about an hour and was carried out very professionally and cleanly. Today, I had no drop-outs or freezing on my Excel course, and I can at last think about uploading some training material onto YouTube (the last time I tried, a 1-minute sample video took 2 hours to upload)!

The only downside is that for some reason it doesn’t seem to play nicely with Amazon Prime Video. Probably not a bandwidth issue, though!

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