An Excel-lent week!

It’s been a pretty productive week for me. I had two training days: an Intermediate Excel on Wednesday and an Introductory day on Friday. Both for the same training company, using Zoom through their log-in portal. Each group was well-motivated and stayed very involved. There were plenty of questions and suggestions, and they went away very happy.

On Thursday evening, I attended an Excel Meetup. Usually based in London, this is currently running over Zoom, which means I can easily attend from home. It’s a get-together of many Excel enthusiasts and, because it’s a virtual platform, we were joined by people from all over the world. It was a memorable experience: there were a couple of hundred attendees and many were Excel experts whose names I recognised from my own learning on the Internet. The presenters were top members of Microsoft’s Excel development team; we looked at co-authoring online using Microsoft 365, new data types and the LAMBDA function, which has recently been released to the earliest adopters. So much new stuff for me to get my head around! I found the group members very supportive and I was able to ask a few questions of my own. The group meets monthly, and I will certainly be attending again.

In addition, I am in discussion with a new client and hope to get some work from her. It might expand to a consultancy role, but for now we’re just looking at a short session on one topic. Baby steps!

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